YIKES, I'VE BEEN GONE FOR A HOT MINUTE ... I have to be honest, I'm at a lost of how to handle writing + extracurriculars + school work at the same time! Lately, it feels like they're all interconnected in this negative cycle: Even if I have a window of free time, I'm usually so... Continue Reading →


Why Are Teenagers Rushing to Fall in Love?

AS A HIGH SCHOOLER MYSELF, it was a jarring wake-up call to see that the stereotypical teenage relationships you see in movies are ... not so stereotypical. At first, I barely noticed anything, but once I expanded my vision just a fraction more, then I noticed everything. A girl and a boy, making out voraciously next to my... Continue Reading →

Writers: It’s Okay to take a Break.

Hi there, long time no see! It's been several months since I wrote on here, and I wish I could say that it's because academics and extracurriculars completely swallowed up my life and my schedule was an utter whirlwind of duties to fill and I just couldn't find the breath — Okay, deep breath. The truth... Continue Reading →

The bravery in being a coward

every time i fall down, i just lie there. and when i do that, all my demons come catching up to me. whispering, taunting, torturing. i'm terrified of them. so i get up. and i continue to walk away. does that still count as trying? even if it's for the wrong reasons? // Lis

i don’t cry often.

These tears don't happen often But when I cry, I cry for many things I cry for the things I could have done for the things I hadn't done And I cry because now there is nothing left to do // Lis

i’m not scared of your demon

You're scared of the demon inside of you. You desperately try to stifle it, hold it back, but darkness seems to always tint your vision. You're so, so scared. But I'm not. Because I see you, and I see its atrocity. Its baleful yellow gaze. Its mask of terror. The meekness underneath. And I am... Continue Reading →

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