We all have a fatal weakness, and that’s okay

I am a creature of habit. I set patterns, schedules, and goals. My idea of a fulfilled day is a list of checked boxes for me to discard, satisfied, in the evening. Calm, orderly waves rushing in and then rushing back. I despise the tides that recede too quickly, and tsunamis are a nightmare. Change... Continue Reading →


The bravery in being a coward

every time i fall down, i just lie there. and when i do that, all my demons come catching up to me. whispering, taunting, torturing. i'm terrified of them. so i get up. and i continue to walk away. does that still count as trying? even if it's for the wrong reasons? // Lis

i don’t cry often.

These tears don't happen often But when I cry, I cry for many things I cry for the things I could have done for the things I hadn't done And I cry because now there is nothing left to do // Lis

i’m not scared of your demon

You're scared of the demon inside of you. You desperately try to stifle it, hold it back, but darkness seems to always tint your vision. You're so, so scared. But I'm not. Because I see you, and I see its atrocity. Its baleful yellow gaze. Its mask of terror. The meekness underneath. And I am... Continue Reading →


i let you into my heart, thinking you were sugar but you are salt and i should have read the label i should have seen the signs you just looked so sweet // F. Lis

learning how to forgive

In books and movies and essentially every other platform of fiction, the characters always have flaws. It's a way to humanize a hero. Most of the time, the flaws are something akin to being too quick to forgive, too brave, too selfless — And I always want to laugh in disbelief because, seriously? Yes, those... Continue Reading →

just toughen up.

i am full of emotion that i don't know what to do with my heartstrings snap as they strain to hold everything feel the heat of this lava behind my fractures bubbling, breaking, burning "just toughen up." // F. Lis        


today, my mother called me an expressive person an open person and i almost collapsed to the ground right then and there in mirth and tears i wanted to crack open and split into an assortment of fingers and appendages because even my own blood the one who birthed me has no idea how closed... Continue Reading →

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